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Ondot delivers instant and actionable alerts to the primary mobile phone of the cardholder whenever consumers use their payment cards.

Consumers can set alert preferences to flag any deviations from desired usage profiles for their own cards as well as their dependents’ cards, and change them instantly when needed, all with a touch on a smartphone app.

In response to alerts, consumers can immediately flag fraudulent transactions, and manage legitimate transactions by tagging, annotating, storing receipt captures, and emailing transactions.

Alert All Transactions.

Enable alerting for all transactions in real-time. With instant visibility comes peace of mind.

Notification Screen

Correlate Mobile Phone and Transaction Location.

Leverage the power of mobile to instantly get alerted for any card present transaction that is outside the vicinity of your mobile phone or outside a specified region on a map.

Location Screen

Choose Merchant Categories.

Get alerted for specific categories of merchants, where you do not typically shop.

Merchant Type Screen

Customize Transaction Types.

Get alerted for specific types of transactions that are outside your typical purchase profile. For example, most fraud is online and you can get alerted for all online transactions.

Transaction Type Screen

Set Low Balance Alerts.

Enable low balance alerts by setting thresholds for available balance. If the account balance goes below the threshold, you will be alerted and can transfer funds into the account in response.

Low Balance Alert Screen

CardAlerts Benefits

CardAlerts Benefits


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According to your peers:

“Reduction of fraud from $450,000 to $180,000 has been a big breakthrough, and justifies the solution on its own.”

David Penoli
Chief Financial Officer, Lone Star National Bank

Industry research shows:

Impact of Durbin Amendment has lowered debit margin for regulated Fis by over 50%.