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Management Console

A comprehensive management suite supports drop-and-click onboarding of Financial Institutions, customized periodic and one-time reports, customer service drill-down and “on-behalf-of” actions, dispute processing, system and user management, and diagnostics. The management console is driven by role-based access control and has simple SSO APIs to integrate with Customer’s centralized management and support portal.

Quick FI Onboarding with FI Branding

Enroll Financial Institutions using a centralized management system for reflecting the Financial Institution branding in the app, and activating features. FI-specific branding includes logo, card images, contact information and FI name for ATM search results.

Customer Service

For customer troubleshooting, search records by customer name, last four digits of card number, account number, or customer id. Detailed customer information includes card control and alert preferences, transaction history including details for each transaction, and activity records. Perform “On Behalf Of” functions to support consumers, such as disabling all controls, turning card on/off, changing alert preferences, restoring defaults, etc.


View aggregate and per-FI dashboards for usage, consumer adoption, and feature-level activity such as control and alert preferences.  Select from eighteen standard reports or create custom reports for periodic or one-time generation. Broadcast system messages to consumers on-demand.

System Administration

System administration group provides powerful tools to manage Financial Institution administrative users and user permissions, configure system topology, track system level alarms and events, and run system diagnostics.


Solution Brochure

According to your peers:

“LSNB customers love the Debit Card Manager application, and our adoption rate has been over twice our mobile banking application. It has increased our card usage, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced the number of calls to our support center.”

Edna De Saro
Senior Vice President and Marketing Director, Lone Star National Bank

Industry research shows:

Over 100 million payment cards have been hacked in recent data breaches.