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Ondot empowers consumers to control payment cards from mobile phones.

Consumers can set control preferences to match the desired usage profile for their own cards as well as their dependents' cards, and change them instantly when needed, all with a touch on a smartphone app.

Switch Cards On and Off Instantly.

Turn your card on and off with a single touch, and the status is changed immediately. With ultimate control comes peace of mind.

Card On/Off Screen

Correlate Mobile Phone and Transaction Location.

Leverage the power of mobile to keep your card active around you, or only within a specified region on a map. Presence of your phone in the vicinity of the transaction is proof-positive, and its absence is a strong indicator of potential fraud.

Location Screen

Choose Merchant Categories.

Enable specific categories of merchants, depending on expected card usage. For example, you can enable groceries and fuel for everyday purchases, but disable entertainment and travel until required.

Merchant Category Screen

Customize Transaction Types.

Enable specific types of transactions, depending on expected card usage. For example, if you do not shop online often, you can disable eCommerce but turn it on instantly when required.

Transaction Type Screen

CardControl works for all types of payment cards – debit, credit, and pre-paid – and all payment methods – in-store, online, and auto-pay. Financial Institutions can add CardControl to existing cards without having to reissue new cards to their customers.

CardControl Benefits

CardControl Benefits


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According to your peers:

“Reduction of fraud from $450,000 to $180,000 has been a big breakthrough, and justifies the solution on its own.”

David Penoli
Chief Financial Officer, Lone Star National Bank

Industry research shows:

One in three consumers does not reactivate a reissued card after a fraud incident.