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Consumer Adoption Services

To maximize adoption and realize the full range of benefits of the Mobile Card Services, Financial Institutions need to effectively engage and drive consumer awareness. Ondot supports Financial Institutions in their marketing efforts with the following services and resources:

Marketing Plan Review

Ondot works with Financial Institutions to develop effective marketing and adoption plans by providing necessary data, industry and technology trends information.

Best Practices Resource Content

Ondot provides Financial Institutions with training and marketing materials that can be tailored for their own launch program with minimal changes. The materials include Marketing Toolkit, Product FAQ, Mobile Card Services Case Study, and Product Demos.

Adoption Monitoring Report

Financial Institutions can easily track adoption of Mobile Card Services by accessing mConsole, the backend management product that provides usage dashboards, reporting, customer support, and troubleshooting capabilities.

Industry research shows:

Eight out of ten consumers say they plan to set control preferences.