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Ondot introduces user preferences and user context into the transaction authorization stream for payment cards. Ondot leverages the mobile channel as an “overlay channel” to control and provide visibility to the payment channel without changing it. With Ondot, Financial Institutions can empower their consumers to use their existing payment cards at any merchant, and control when, where, and how that card can be used.

By initiating instant, context-aware interaction with the consumer at point-of-purchase while bringing location-aware controls and alerts into payment processing, potential fraud is flagged and denial of service can be substantially reduced.

Ondot can be delivered as a stand-alone app or a control button in a mobile banking app. Ondot also allows third party services to leverage Ondot’s real-time channel to the consumer.

Ondot meets or exceeds the highest PCI, CERT, and OWASP security requirements, including stateless app, strong encryption/tokenization, and communication only over secure channels. It is designed for 99.99% uptime and utilizes multi-layer redundancy mechanisms including software level monitoring, appliance-level high availability, and site-level disaster recovery.

All Ondot release software goes through thorough end-to-end security testing including network scan, application penetration testing, and server penetration testing, using state-of-the-art security testing and penetration testing tools.

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