Dollars in Transactions

Financial Institutions

In the digital era, consumers expect to be informed and in control all the time, especially if it comes through a device like smartphone that already serves as their companion to inform, alert, guide, protect, locate and pay.

Ondot's real-time service oriented architecture (SOA) based platform powers payment solutions at more than 4,000 financial institutions across four continents to protect, engage and accelerate commerce for their customers.

These services have delivered tangible returns of over 20% increase in revenue and 15% in profitability (lower fraud and service costs) per cardholder. Here's how:

Real-Time Engagement

Consumer demand real time information – enable real-time visibility and two-way messaging related to their cards, accounts, transactions, and messages on their preferred channel – apps, bots, SMS, email, IVR, etc.

Increase Confidence

Consumers want to be in control – empower cardholders with app-based real-time controls based on history, context and preferences such as location, region, transaction and/or merchant type, spend limits, and instant on/off switch.

Self-Service is the 1st choice

Consumers want responses now, not in minutes but in seconds – provide on-the-go card management (notify travel, report lost/stolen, activate card, increase limits), fraud alerting, and dispute capabilities from the mobile app.

User Assisted Fraud Prevention

Consumers expect smart protection – predictive analytics over user shared location and user initiated notifications lowers fraud and false declines.

Immediate Usage

Consumers love instant gratification – digital issuance of new and replacement payment cards allows users to immediately transact and pay online and/or with mobile wallets with virtual card number, and dynamic CVV.

Rapid Service Delivery

Consumer behaviors are evolving rapidly – Ondot's extensible SOA platform brings user preference, context, and interaction into the payment stream to rapidly develop and deliver unique payment journeys with agility.

* Average results reported by customers or through internal data mining; Your results may vary.