Card App works for you. And your customers.

Integrating Ondot into your financial institution isn’t just right for your business – it can be done right away. Ondot can ride on top of legacy infrastructure, ensuring quick integration. From real-time technology to leveraging the power of our partners and tools, learn how the power of Ondot can work for you.

Technology Overview

Ondot implements real-time capabilities into the payments ecosystem through our technology and our processor partners. This ensures you have access to real-time authorization data, real-time location and real-time customer communication. That adds up to a real advantage for your financial institution.

Get Card App Quickly

Card App is a powerful driver of user experience and engagement, but its most powerful feature is how quickly you can deliver to your customers. With App Factory, you can deliver your own branded app within just weeks.

Partners & Processors

Card App is not just a digital experience platform, it’s a partnership platform. Ondot’s partners unlock functionality that is difficult, if not impossible, for many issuers to access. Here’s what our partners can do for you:
  • Maps and business data
  • Digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Underwriting
  • ID and eKYC
  • Merchant offers and listings

App Factory

App Factory allows you to create your own branded version of Card App in the app store. Ondot makes it easy to customize in just hours, and helps you get app store approval.

Issuer Tools

Card App is made even more powerful by issuer tools that ensure financial institutions can launch faster, customize their experience and analyze data quickly to optimize their portfolios.

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