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Ondot does more than just engage your customers, we give you real time insight into what’s happening with your portfolio so you can enhance targeting, optimize profitability, and respond to market changes more quickly. And we can help you launch it all more quickly tools like App Factory and Cloud Services.

App Factory

App Factory allows issuers to build, preview and publish their own app in just a few weeks. It’s designed to be easy to use, so you can quickly launch your own branded Card App, even without technical staff. Ondot makes it step-by-step simple.

  • Builds both iOS and Android apps
  • Designed for use by non-technical staff for FIs that don’t have dedicated engineering resources
  • Upload branding to enable FIs to customize and take ownership of the app
  • Allows for easy app updating & maintenance
  • Ondot assists with approval in App Store

Cloud Service

Cloud Service enables much faster and easier implementation and upgrades for issuers. This means you launch faster and spend less time and resources on maintenance and upgrades.

Here are the Ondot advantages:

  • Faster time to market: launch in 8-12 weeks instead of 8 to 12 months
  • Significantly lower costs:
    • Integration
    • Maintenance
    • Compliance
    • Operational
    • Security

Ondot’s experience in banking compliance and regulation means less compliance overhead for your organization. Our Cloud Service utilizes scalable and reliable AWS, and uses robust disaster recovery and redundancy to ensure consistent uptime. Ondot has implemented financial services industry best practices for privacy, security and compliance, including PCI 3.2.1 audits and SOC2 certification.

Tap into our Cloud Service and raise your level of cardholder services.

One View

Ondot's One View allows cardholders to view their credit and debit cards in one place, even if your financial institution uses multiple processors.

  • Supports multiple processors, including those that process debit transactions in-house and credit through an Ondot-enabled processor.
  • Eases the transition for cardholders when issuers have a processor transition on their roadmap.
  • Supports both mobile/online banking server-based and user-initiated card registration

Management Console

Management Console gives issuers instant insights into their portfolio performance. Better data allows financial institutions to optimize across their portfolio, from segmentation and risk models to credit line assignments, upgrades and cross-sell. Ondot helps you turn data into smart decisions.

  • Understand your customers like never before, allowing you to drive meaningful segmentation and action for your customers.
  • View spending patterns by location, time, merchant category and more to inform better decision making and target the right offers to every customer.
  • Insights are provided in real-time, allowing you to react to potential fraud events (such as data breaches), seasonality and changing economic conditions.

Digital Account Opening Console

Mobile onboarding is critical to portfolio growth, but underwriting and identity confirmation are critical processes for financial institutions. That’s why we provide easy customization of the Digital Account Opening process.

Issuers can choose which steps they need to ensure robust credit underwriting and identity confirmation, and set thresholds for approval. Since all applications are sent in real time as qualified leads, issuers can still apply any internal processes and models to ensure all underwriting standards are consistent with in-branch or online processes. So, you can grow your business without changing the way you work.

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