Credit Card Apps Take the Hassle Out of Dealing with Stolen/Lost Credit Cards

You put your credit card in a safe place–so safe you can’t find it. Or perhaps you left your credit card on the seat of your car and someone stole the card. Now you have to do what no one enjoys: contact credit card services to get a replacement.

But if you had one of the leading credit card apps designed for today’s smart phone, you could:

  • Cut the time and effort to replace a credit card
  • Reduce the chance of false declines
  • Make your credit card more secure
  • MobiMoney
  • Card Rule
  • Card Valet
  • CardNav

Switch Your Card On and Off

With the leading credit cards apps, you’ll have the power to switch your credit card on and off—anytime, anywhere—from your smart phone. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be switched off in a second, with just a swipe on your phone, and your financial institution will be automatically alerted to the situation—no need to call card services and wait for your case to be processed. If the card is just lost and then found, it can be switched back on with a tap on your phone.

With the card switched off, you won’t have to worry about someone else using it. But what if you need to use the card before a replacement arrives? Depending on your financial institution, your card may continue to be used while you’re waiting. When you’re traveling or when you use your card for recurring transactions, it can be a life saver.

Respond Quickly and Easily to Transaction Alerts

A credit card doesn’t have to be stolen to be compromised. Criminals can steal your account number in a variety of ways without taking the card and without your knowledge.

These leading credit card apps give financial institutions the power to push alerts directly to your smart phone, notifying you in real time about suspicious activity. You can quickly and easily review transactions, flag those that appear to be fraudulent and initiate a dispute.

Reduce false declines

Not all suspicious transactions are fraudulent. Yet, to protect your credit card, financial institutions often decline any suspicious transaction based on a one-size-fits-all formula that considers the location of the transaction, frequency of credit card use, merchant type and transaction amount.

These apps put you in control of your credit card activity. You can set your preferences for where, when and how your card will work, and those preferences will be transmitted to your financial institution to be used for authentication, which can help reduce false declines for valid transactions.

You can control activity by the type of transaction. For example, you can choose to have your card always on for certain types of transactions such as purchases made at trusted stores. You can choose selective use as well for other types of transactions such as online activity. Switch the card on for a transaction and then switch it off for all online activity until your next purchase.  

You can also set your credit card to work wherever you go with your phone.

Protect Your Credit Card Now

Ondot Mobile Card Services is the technology behind these leading credit card apps. Thousands of banks and credit unions offer them through their card processors under the following names:

  • MobiMoney
  • Card Rule
  • Card Valet
  • CardNav

Contact your bank or credit union representative today and ask about the credit card app that puts you in control.