Slam the Door on Debit Card Fraud

You've read the news about identity theft and debit card fraud and you, as a debit cardholder, are concerned. And you should be. In a recent survey, nearly 20 percent of all debit cardholders were victims of fraud during the previous five years.1

Debit cards were designed to improve your shopping and banking experience. So how can you make the most of that experience without putting yourself at risk from fraud?

Within the last few years, financial institutions have introduced smart cards with EMV chips to curb fraud when a card is used. Unfortunately, many merchants and ATM owners have yet to upgrade their payment systems to accept chip cards. In addition, a chip doesn't stop fraud when a card number is keyed or called in to make a transaction.

Ondot Systems offers a solution

Our mobile card services can help shut out debit card fraud, with or without a card present. You can feel more confident about using your card wherever and whenever you shop and bank—in stores, at ATMs and online. And that includes places where you haven't used your card or given your card number before. 

Ondot mobile card services are available through financial institutions. If your institution has partnered with Ondot, our services can be pushed to your smart phone. To access them, all you have to do is swipe our application on your phone.

Offering instant control

You'll be able to switch your debit card on and off and decide when, where and how it can be used to help minimize fraud. You can choose to have your card always on for certain types of transactions at trusted stores. You can also choose selective use, for example, switch the card on to purchase something online and then switch it off after the purchase.

You can also set your debit card to work in your current location. And the card can be linked to the GPS feature in your phone so that you'll have access wherever you go.

Get instant visibility

With a touch on your phone, you can view your debit card information. Our push technology lets your institution send real-time transaction alerts to help you keep track of your spending and know immediately if your card has been compromised. You can even flag a false transaction and initiate a dispute.

You can do all that and more quickly and easily from your smart phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – only with Ondot mobile card services.

Talk to your bank – controls for your debit card may already be supported!