Manage Your Spending with Card Control and Alerts

Your partner in fiscal management

You know the old saying, “Never go shopping in a grocery store when you’re hungry.” That saying can be applied to all types of shopping. You try to stay within your budget, but temptation wins out.

The Ondot Card Control and Alerts app provides simple, convenient ways to keep you on budget, including giving you the ability to set spend limits on your debit or credit card–before you hit the stores or websites.

About Card Control and Alerts

Offered by your financial institution, our app allows you to manage your card through your smart phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever your phone has a data connection. Open the app and you can set when, where and how your debit or credit card can be used to give you better control over your card activity and protect it from card fraud.

Leverage the app to manage spending

You can set spend limits on your card by transaction or by month. For example, you see a jacket that you must have–only $500. Can you afford it? Not really. But for a moment, desire rules over sound financial management. That’s when our app can help. Previously, you set your transaction limit to $100, so your jacket purchase will be blocked, and you’ll be shaken back to reality. ┬áThe spend limit feature helps curb impulse buys.

But let’s say you find something that you’ve been planning to buy for some time and today it’s on sale for 50% off. You can override your spend limit in real time to take advantage of one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Decide how the card can be used

You can set the card to work with certain types of businesses and in certain situations. For example, perhaps you’ve decided to save up for a down payment on a car. To help ensure your money is not eaten away by miscellaneous purchases that are easy to make and to forget about, you can set the card to work only when paying in person for essentials such as gas or groceries. All other transactions will be blocked until you decide to change or override your preferences.

Shared cards

Say your son or daughter has a card that’s linked to your account, or you’re a small business owner and your employees have linked cards. To help control their spending of your money, you can set limits on each card from your phone. Those limits can be based on geographic areas of use, merchant categories and transaction types.

You can also switch the cards on and off from your phone. When the cards are off, they can’t be used until you turn them back on.

Your partner in fiscal management

If you’re looking for an effective, easy solution to manage your money, Ondot Card Control and Alerts is the choice for you.

Contact your bank or credit union representative today and ask about the app that puts you in control.