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For mobile banking providers, processors and other organizations that service financial institutions, partnering with Ondot allows you to fully meet the needs of your clients.

A better experience for your clients

Adding Ondot’s Card App to your existing offerings can position you to meet all of your clients’ digital needs.

Financial Institutions want a one-stop shop for all their digital offerings, consumers want a simplified digital experience, and they want it now. Tech giants are turning to the ‘app family strategy’, i.e. Gmail and Google Calendar, or Facebook and Messenger to solve for this, now you can too.

In as little as 8-12 weeks, a fully branded Card App solution can be live to the Financial Institution end users, delivering a pleasant, seamless card centric experience.

Advantageous Partnerships

In addition to being able to expand your offerings to meet your client needs in one place, partnering with Ondot means you can focus your digital roadmap on other areas, knowing you will always have access to the latest card management features, such as those offered by Apple, Google and Samsung.

Other benefits include: 

  • Little to no impact on your development, implementation and support teams
  • A single connection to multiple card processors
  • Incentive based pricing exclusive to your client base
  • Revenue recognition for Card App sales

Ondot’s Partnership Approach

Ondot has built its business on reliable and mutually beneficial partnerships, from top payment processors, to mobile banking providers, to over 4,500 banks and credit unions. We also know that when it comes to strategic partnerships, one size does not fit all. Our Partner Management team is dedicated and works with each of our partners to tailor the program to align with your go-to-market needs, and to fit within your existing operational practices. Partners have access to our secure self-service portal to register and manage leads, access sales enablement tools, and to request sales support assistance. We strive for success and value our partner relationships.

Contact us to learn how your organization can become part of the Ondot partnership community.


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