Give your customers the tools to do more.

The Ondot Card App gives your cardholders transparency, awareness, and total control. From instant onboarding to in-the-moment assistance and alerts, explore the unique features that will make your card the preferred choice of your customers.

GET: Mobile end-to-end onboarding

Digital end-to-end onboarding from a smartphone is essential for these on-demand times. So you’re in business and your cardholders are engaged. Quickly and easily.

Digital Account OpeningAllow your customers to apply quickly, easily, and securely from their smartphone. Verify their identity through mobile tools like location confirmation and live biometrics.

Mobile ApplicationThere’s no need to visit a branch or go to a website. Get approved on the spot, in real-time.

USE: Ensure your card is the preferred card in the digital wallet

The ability to quickly and securely use a card digitally helps ensure your card is the one customers reach for when they make online or card-on-file purchases.

Digital IssuanceAllows customers to replace and use cards within minutes.

Push to WalletAutomated provisioning makes it fast and easy to add cards to digital wallets and other payment apps, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Virtual CardsCreate instant virtual cards for safe, temporary use online.

UNDERSTAND: Help customers clearly see their spending

The more customers understand their spending, the more likely they’ll feel secure using your card first.

Transaction Data EnrichmentEasily identify purchases with enriched data like merchant names, business hours, and contact info. Contact merchants directly in the app, reducing disputes and chargebacks.

Spend InsightsHelp customers spend smarter and feel in control with insights by spend category, location, and month.

Card-On-File & Recurring PaymentsAllow customers to keep track of where their card is being used. Card App identifies monthly subscriptions, as well as card-on-file merchants, such as online marketplaces or ridesharing companies.

MANAGE: Put your customers in control

Empower your customers with industry-leading card controls and self-service options.

Card ControlsYour customers can control when, where, and how their cards are used.

Self ServiceCard App lets customers help themselves — report a lost card, set travel plans, initiate disputes and more — in the moments that really matter.

ENGAGE: Interact with customers wherever they go

Connect with your customers with real-time relevance, right where and when they need you. Stay in touch with real-time customer offers, alerts and communications.

Interactive AlertsKeep your customers informed, as they go about their day, with alerts and notifications.

OffersStrengthen customer relationships with offers that delight and engage. You choose which offers are most relevant, including overdraft protection at the point-of-sale and installment offers for large purchases.

Credit WellnessBe a trusted financial advisor to customers with regular reporting on credit scores and credit insights from Experian.

Moments That Matter

Be there when your customers need you most

Customer loyalty is defined by critical moments that customers will remember, good or bad. From lost or stolen cards to suspicious activity, Ondot gives your cardholders the tools to solve critical issues on the spot, even outside business hours. Explore the ways that Ondot helps you serve your customers in critical moments that matter.

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