Adoption Accelerator

Increase Cardholder Satisfaction, Improve Retention, Drive Top of Wallet

Want to accelerate adoption? Need to increase cardholder loyalty? Wish there was a user adoption tool that was simple and easy to use?

In addition to providing our customers with the industry's leading mobile card services platform and selection of service modules designed to leverage it, Ondot understands that adoption of the services provided is decided at the end user level. For that reason, we have invested in the development of offerings designed to increase cardholder adoption of the Ondot features you offer them.

One of the most popular Ondot tools utilized by issuers is our Adoption Accelerator toolkit. Adoption Accelerator is a powerful cardholder engagement engine built to anchor go-to-market strategies designed to drive user adoption of the services available in the Ondot solution. Adoption Accelerator's set of capabilities allows card issuers to realize a number of benefits that increase the cardholder's awareness of how they can better control where, when, and how their cards are used.


  • Identify and email cardholders who have not registered for mobile card services before, during or after a transaction.
  • Send contextual transactional details – e.g., card identifier, transaction amount, merchant name, location of transaction, and the transaction's time and date.
  • Generate emails that are triggered when cardholders make an ecommerce purchase (e.g., on Amazon).
  • Set limits on number of alerts that are dispatched over a period.


  • Raises awareness of the capabilities within the Ondot services that make cards safer to use.
  • Allows cardholders to experience the way flexibility and configurability can enhance financial management.
  • Utilizes personalization delivered in context to increase impact of cardholder adoption efforts.
  • Provides issuers with the ability to improve results by responding to campaign results on the fly.

In addition to these features and benefits, Adoption Accelerator will soon include adding features and benefits that further enhance its role as a key component in cardholder adoption programs.  These new capabilities include:

  • Enhanced A/B testing that allows the issuer to test multiple messaging strategies to determine the most effective options for one or more cardholder segments.
  • Powerful analytics that provide information regarding the performance of issuer adoption strategies being utilized, in order to better understand what tactics are the most effective with various target cardholder segments.
  • Configurable, proven messaging templates that reduce the amount of effort required to deploy an effective cardholder adoption program that can be easily modified to accommodate an issuer's brand positioning.

In addition to Adoption Accelerator, Ondot has training and marketing materials that can be integrated into cardholder adoption programs. Videos, advertising, and collateral content are available as well as performance-based, turnkey programs designed to fit an issuer's specific goals.

Ondot's extensible platform and feature-rich service modules drive more than 80% of the mobile card services transactions in the United States. Our solution has repeatedly increased the value of issuer card portfolios while decreasing costs associated with fraud, lost/stolen cards, and customer support. Adoption Accelerator delivers these benefits to financial institutions by driving higher levels of adoption of the Ondot services among cardholders.