Cut the Time and Expense
of Mobile Development

With national banks spending hundreds of millions of dollars on digital tools, relationship-focused banks and credit unions need to ensure they keep up with customer expectations for digital card experiences.

With Ondot's App Factory, financial institutions can build, preview and publish their own app in less than a week, even without technical staff.


  • Builds both iOS and Android apps
  • Designed for use by non-technical staff for FIs that do not have dedicated engineering resources
  • Upload branding to enable FIs to customize and take ownership of the app
  • Allows for easy app updating & maintenance

With just one tool, a financial institution can greatly expand their digital banking offerings with:

  • Transaction Data Intelligence
  • Location Intelligence
  • Spend Insights
  • Instant Digital Issuance
  • Onboarding
  • Account-Based Payment Security
  • Gifting
  • Card Controls
  • Alerts
  • Location Services
  • Travel Plans