Card Alerts / Payment Monitoring

Empower Cardholders, Lower Fraud Rates, Increase Card Use

Want to provide tools that will make cardholders more comfortable with card use?  Would more active cardholders increase your card portfolio value?

To increase value of their card portfolios, issuers must lower fraud rates as well as provide value-added services to their cardholders. By empowering cardholders with the means to control when, where and how their cards are used, issuers can not only achieve these goals but also increase the level of engagement they have with their customers.

Ondot's CardAlert services give cardholders the tools to control when, where and how their cards are used.  Utilizing the Ondot card services platform's intelligent service-oriented architecture, CardAlert allows cardholders to set unique parameters for each of their cards that will trigger alerts according to location, transaction type, merchant type, the number of transactions made within a specific timeframe, the amount of a transaction and when an account balance associated with a card drops below a certain level.

The Power of CardAlerts

    • Decreases fraud 40% with instant, actionable alerts that allow cardholders to immediately flag fraudulent transactions.
    • Increases card use 23% by increasing cardholders' confidence with the ability to push real time alerts whenever there is any deviation in how their cards or dependent's cards are used.
    • Increases customer engagement 100% using the multiple touchpoints defined by cardholders in their alerting preferences.
    • Promotes top of wallet positioning by providing opportunities for issuers to provide value-added services such as instant overdraft protection if an insufficient funds alert is triggered.
    • Increases active cardholders 8% by making cardholders more comfortable with the safety of card use.

The Ondot card services platform monitors all ISO 8583 request and response messages without impacting the amount of time required to complete a transaction.  Transactions initiated by cardholders using CardAlert features are evaluated by their  preferences, location, and purchase history.  If the settings made by the cardholder are triggered, alerts are initiated and the cardholder provided with actionable notifications even before a transaction is completed.

Comprehensive Set of Alerting Options

Regions Screen
  • Alert when cardholder location is different from merchant location for in-store purchase
  • Alert when merchant location is outside specified map region
  • Alert on an international transaction

Transaction Limits Screen
  • Alert when transaction amount or volume is above a specified amount
  • Alert when spend exceeds specified weekly or monthly limit
  • Alert when available balance falls below specified amount

Transaction Type
Transaction Types Screen
  • Alert for specified transaction types, e.g. in-store, ATM, eCommerce, etc.
  • Alert for specified merchant categories, e.g. gas station, restaurants, travel, grocery, etc.

Two-Way Alerts
Two Way Alerts Screen
  • Confirm suspected fraud events generated by fraud detection systems
  • "Is this yours" alert confirmation for certain transactions, e.g. dispensing machines, which are processed from a different location

Dependent or Employee Card
Card Details Screen
  • Increase number of transactions with alerting for dependent or employee card use
  • Alert any transaction or subset according to location, timeframe, thresholds and limits
  • Alert preferences customized specifically for each card used by a dependent or employee

Offer Screen
  • Offer overdraft protection if cardholder transaction is blocked for insufficient funds
  • Push offers based on transaction status, user context, user preferences
  • Present merchant offers based on transaction status, user context, and user preferences

CardAlert from Ondot gives cardholders control of the circumstances under which their cards can be used.  This increases card use, digital engagement, and the number of active card users.  Built to utilize the full power of the Ondot card services platform, CardAlert complements existing fraud scoring systems to stop fraud in flight.  These benefits make Ondot's platform and extensive set of service modules the market leader, powering over 80 percent of card services transactions in the United States.