Information Empowers Cardholders

Just as important as giving customers control over their cards is making them feel in control. Card Alerts create awareness about card activity, making customers more comfortable spending and making you a valued financial partner.

Card Alerts give customers real-time push notifications about when, where and how their cards are used, even if they don't use their phone to make a purchase. Ondot's advanced alert options go far beyond transaction notifications, allowing customers to use alerts for budgeting, financial awareness, and tracking family or employee spending.

Two-way push notifications also allow you to engage directly with your customers, such as authorizing suspicious transactions, or providing real-time overdraft, installment or merchant offers.

Comprehensive Set of Alerting Options

Regions Screen
  • Cardholder location is different from merchant location for in-store purchase
  • Merchant location is outside specified map region
  • International transaction

Transaction Limits Screen
  • Transaction amount or volume is above a specified amount
  • Spend exceeds specified weekly or monthly limit
  • Available balance falls below specified amount

Transaction Type
Transaction Types Screen
  • Transaction Types: in-store, ATM, eCommerce, etc.
  • Merchant Categories: gas station, restaurants, travel, grocery, etc.

Two-Way Alerts
Two Way Alerts Screen
  • Confirm suspected fraud events generated by fraud detection systems
  • "Is this yours" alert confirmation for certain transactions, e.g. dispensing machines, which are processed from a different location
  • Engage your cardholders directly

Dependent or Employee Card
Card Details Screen
  • Apply any of the Ondot alerts for dependent or employee card use
  • Each card can have its own customizable alerts

Offer Screen
  • Offer overdraft protection if cardholder transaction is blocked for insufficient funds
  • Push offers based on transaction status, user context, user preferences
  • Present merchant offers based on transaction status, user context, and user preferences

Who Uses Card Alerts?

More financial institutions use Ondot’s card alerts than any other
mobile card management solution. See who offers them with our GetCardControl tool: