Drives Card Use, Increases Brand Loyalty

Want to provide cardholders with the kind of control that causes them to reach for your card when they purchase products and services?

Ondot's intelligent, extensible platform is built on a services-oriented architecture that delivers feature-rich services to cardholders and issuers. The CardControl service allows cardholders to control when, where and how each of the cards is used. Cardholders can also set profiles on their dependents' cards.

Providing cardholders with these capabilities increases card use while decreasing call center traffic and instances of fraud. In addition, by allowing cardholders to set preferences in five distinct areas for every card they use, CardControl increases their loyalty and satisfaction with an issuer's brand.

Card Details Screen

Gives cardholders the ability to easily change status for individual cards, increasing their confidence and decreasing the number of cards that are misplaced from being reported lost or stolen.

  • Displays status of individual cards.
  • Allows the status of a card to be changed with a simple touch.
  • Enables cardholder to set timeframes and purchase windows for each card.

Regions Screen

Allows cardholders to control where cards can be used, decreasing the possibility of false declines that could compromise an issuer's top-of-wallet status.

  • Establishes an additional layer of security by correlating cardholder and merchant location.
  • Simplifies setting of card use areas or regions using device's touchscreen and in-app map.
  • Determines what international transactions are allowed or denied.

Spend Limits
Transaction Limits Screen

Addresses cardholders' desire to control spend and stay within a budget, increasing their comfort and willingness to use their cards when making purchases.

  • Allows cardholders to set spend threshold for transaction amounts.
  • Provides settings for weekly and monthly spend thresholds.
  • Enables parents and businesses to specify dependent and employee spend limits.

Transaction Types
Transaction Types Screen

Adds a layer of control that makes cardholders feel more confident when using their cards and assists issuer in decreasing instances of fraud.

  • Permits cardholders to define the transaction types and payment methods allowed.
  • Includes ability to permit or deny eCommerce or mail-order purchases.
  • Extends control for parents and businesses related to dependent or employee card use.

Merchant Categories
Merchant Categories Screen

Increases cardholders' power to control where each individual card is used, making them more willing to use that card more often for small cash transactions.

  • Allows cardholders to enable or disable a card for use in specific merchant categories.
  • Provides an extensive set of merchant category options including gas stations, entertainment, personal care, and travel transactions.
  • Furthers the control of parents and businesses over dependent and employee card use.

More than 80 percent of transactions in the United States utilizing card services of this type are driven by the Ondot platform, allowing card issuers to drive revenue growth while increasing cost savings.