Put your customers in control

Ondot Card Controls sets the industry standard for enabling cardholder control, going beyond simple on/off options to provide broad control over when, where and how each card is used. Cardholders can also set controls on cards for their dependents or employees.

And by actively participating in setting their own controls, you engage them with your product and make them feel safer using it.

Personalized Spending Options

Card Details Screen
  • Control each card separately
  • Set timeframe and purchase windows
  • Reduces lost or stolen card replacements

Regions Screen
  • Match cardholder location with merchant location
  • Set specific areas on map where card can be used
  • Determine what international transactions are allowed or denied
  • Reduces decline rates by allowing correlation of cardholder location

Spend Limits
Transaction Limits Screen
  • Set limits on transaction amounts
  • Set weekly or monthly spend limits
  • Set limits on employee or dependent cards
  • Increases card preference by helping customers stay within a budget

Transaction Types
Transaction Types Screen
  • Control use by channel (in-store, online, mail order)
  • Control dependent or employee cards

Merchant Categories
Merchant Categories Screen
  • Control use by merchant type (groceries, gas, entertainment, travel, etc.)
  • Control where dependent or employees can use cards (e.g., only gas stations)

Who Uses Card Controls?

More financial institutions use Ondot’s card controls than any other
mobile card management solution. See who offers them with our GetCardControl tool: