Management Console

Improves Customer Service, Accelerates Card Activation

Struggling to provide your cardholders seamless onboarding and support?  Having trouble easily accessing and analyzing data about your card portfolio?

Management Console is the powerful administrative service module for issuers who use the intelligent, intuitive card services platform from Ondot.  Powered by a modern tech stack built around an API-based, service-oriented architecture, Management Console simplifies the system configuration, cardholder onboarding, customer support and analytics required to successfully deploy and maintain the services and features that increase the value of a card issuer's portfolio.

Access to Management Console is role-based, delivering the functionality tailored to support each team member's role within the issuer's cardholder support organization. By providing a comprehensive set of functionality built to be configurable, scalable and intuitive, Management Console allows financial institutions to deploy and maintain the Ondot mobile-based card services platform effectively and efficiently.  Each administrative service supported by Management Console offers distinct advantages that increase cardholder satisfaction.


The level of configurability within the Management Console onboarding service centralizes card activation requirements making it easier to conduct the following tasks:

  • Accommodating the specific branding and functionality of each issuer.
  • Ensuring the card eligibility for the provided service during registration.
  • Uploading  digital  assets, such as card images, terms and conditions and privacy disclaimers.

Customer Support

Customer help desk representatives are able to quickly and effectively address a cardholder's questions and issues through comprehensive view of the details required including:

  • Device information
  • Real-time control and alerting settings
  • Access to information on a customer's activities over time

Activity Viewer

Members of the issuer's customer support team better understand how to lower the frustration levels often felt by cardholders seeking assistance with access to historic detail of their activities while:

  • Registering cards 
  • Managing passwords and passcodes
  • Changing card control and alert preferences
  • Conducting services within the app such as funds transfer or changes to thresholds

Shadow Assist

Customer service representatives can increase cardholder satisfaction using the Management Console shadow assist service to perform complicated tasks, thus simplifying the support process by:

  • Resetting the registration process
  • Enabling/disabling the application login function
  • Unsubscribing the user from the service
  • Changing control and alert settings for individual cards
  • Disabling all control preferences
  • Enabling all control preferences
  • Turning registered cards on/off
  • Sending test push notifications to check device connectivity

Usage Dashboards and Report Generation

The Management Console administrative service allows issuers to track adoption and usage patterns:

  • Trends related to transactions alerts by total and category
  • Controls applied to cards
  • Transaction results, such as approvals and denials
  • Dashboard, summary, detailed and customized views
  • Data is exportable into existing or specialized reporting structures

All these capabilities provide issuers with a better understanding of cardholder adoption, behavior and needs.  This understanding can be applied through the Ondot platform to improve card use and increase the value of a card portfolio.

Today, Ondot's platform and diverse set of service modules for cardholders and issuers is driving more than 80% of transactions in the United States that are generated by issuers and processors, utilizing these types of value-added offerings.