Core Platform

Choose a Strategy, Not a Product

Interested in a card services strategy that keeps pace with the needs of issuers and cardholders? Want more than a single function point solution?

Basic card services delivered via a mobile device are not new. The ability of the cardholder to turn a card on or off is now commonplace. Many card apps allow the cardholder to dispute a transaction by entering the details on their smartphone and then receiving dispute status notifications to its completion.

However, there are many other aspects to empowering cardholders with the mobile card services capabilities that will increase their confidence and comfort with using their credit and debit cards to make purchases. Ondot's vision for providing such capabilities is based on the understanding that issuers and their cardholders will continually evolve in terms of their needs.

To address this dynamic environment, Ondot developed an approach to mobile card services that is anchored by a modular technology purpose-built for security, performance, and scalability. These modules utilize an extensible platform powered by an API-base, service-oriented architecture that allows issuers to retain the flexibility required to address the ever-evolving needs of the their organizations and the consumers they wish to attract and retain.

This approach has resonated with financial institutions around the world resulting in Ondot's roster of cardholder services being used by more of these issuers than any other solution available in the marketplace.

Technical Overview

The Ondot multi-service, multi-tenant, and ISO 8583 compatible platform along with the service modules reduce time to market by integrating into the existing payment infrastructure of a processor or financial institution without the need for customization or changes to the existing payment processing infrastructure.

The platform and service modules support the availability requirements of global processors and issuers by utilizing state-of-the-art features including:

  • Always-on redundancy
  • Multi-site hosting and
  • Active-active database deployments.

With a variety of deployment options available including cloud, virtual machine, and on-premise, organizations can easily integrate the capabilities into their preferred operational model.

Ondot's technology and associated solutions meet or exceed the following security requirements:

  • PCI standards
  • CERT practices and
  • OWASP frameworks.

Ondot solutions are supported with stateless app, strong encryption, and tokenization supported by communication-only secure channels.

Ondot's offering is optimized at the design level for 99.99% uptime and utilizes multi-layer redundancy mechanisms including:

  • Software level monitoring
  • Appliance-level high availability and
  • Site-level disaster recovery.

Financial institutions and processors count on the power of the Ondot platform to get results that grow card use, combat fraud and decrease false positives. That is why, in markets such as the United States, Ondot solutions drive more than 80% of mobile card services. We offer our customers a solution, not just a product.