Interact with customers wherever they go

The best apps anticipate the needs of customers and guide their activity. Card App sends interactive alerts and engages your customers proactively in moments of tension, convenience and delight.

Card Alerts help your customers feel empowered by creating awareness of what’s happening with their cards, making customers more comfortable spending and making you a valued financial partner.

Card Alerts

Give customers real-time push notifications about when, where and how their cards are used, whether the card is used in person or digitally. Ondot's advanced alert options go far beyond transaction notifications, allowing customers to use alerts for budgeting, financial awareness, and keeping track of dependent or employee spending.

Two-way push notifications let you engage directly with your customers, such as allowing them to authorize a suspicious transaction, or providing real-time offers.

Features like:


Alert when transactions are made outside specific regions chosen on a map


Alert when person is not in the same location as merchant (based on mobile location)

Spend Limit

Alert when transaction is over a specified amount

Monthly Limit

Alert if monthly budget limit is reached

Merchant Category

Gas, groceries, travel, department stores, etc.

Transaction Type

Online, in-store, ATM, etc.


Empowering cardholders makes them feel safe and reduces fraud by an average of 25%.

Credit Wellness

Be a trusted financial advisor to customers with regular reporting on credit scores and credit insights from Experian.

  • Customers can view their monthly credit score in-app.
  • Credit coaching and wellness tools help customers understand how to improve their scores (coming soon).
  • Consumers expect their financial institution to be a partner in their financial health.

Combined with Card App’s budgeting tools, spending insights and transaction awareness, Credit Wellness elevates trust in your brand. Whether they are customers seeking to buy their next home or those trying to improve their overall financial health, the partnership brings tremendous value to these relationships.

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