Digital Engagement

Promote Top of Wallet Positioning With Real-Time Assistance

Want to increase the number of interactions with cardholders to add value to the relationship?  Need to leverage cardholder data to personalize interactions and build loyalty?

Using Ondot's intelligent, extensible platform and service-oriented architecture, Digital Engagement enables card issuers to add value to their relationship with the cardholder, increasing loyalty and promoting top of wallet positioning.  With Digital Engagement issuers can initiate conversations with cardholders in real-time based on where they are, their purchase history, their current actions, and their usage preferences. 

Digital Engagement utilizes the Ondot platform's powerful data analysis engine to gather information from multiple sources including:

  • Transaction data
  • Purchase history
  • Location information
  • User preferences, and
  • Control preferences

The analytics engine then prioritizes this data and uses it to create a dialogue with the cardholder based on issuer parameters that is personalized, relevant and contextual.

By analyzing user location, purchase history, and preferences, it is possible to not only react in real time to cardholder activities, but also anticipate certain behaviors and then proactively engage cardholders with messages designed to meet their individual situation. With the average cardholder making more than 20 transactions a month, Digital Engagement provides financial institutions with more opportunities to demonstrate the value of their relationship with cardholders.

Opportunities For Adding Value To Relationships With Cardholders

  • Digital Issuance – Instantly allow your cardholders to start using their new or replacement card for online and mobile payments, with immediate in-app availability of controls, alerts and notifications.
  • Personalized Offers – Push offers to cardholders providing them discounts on certain products and services near their current location.
  • Facilitated Card Use – Promote card use with a message reminding cardholders on international trips to add their destination to the list of areas where their card can be used.
  • Simplified Expense Tracking – Send a list of recent transactions made by a cardholder that appear to be business related simplifying the process involved in tracking expenses.
  • Extended Card Alerting – Increase cardholder confidence in card security by confirming possession of card if location or activity does not match previous patterns.

A cardholder's interaction with financial institutions involves two primary elements – frequency and emotion.  Viewing account or card balances and recent transactions is frequent and usually has low emotional impact.  Disputing a transaction as fraudulent is infrequent but carries highly negative emotions. Utilizing Ondot's card services platform, issuers are able to access a wide range of services that increase the trust and comfort level cardholders experience when using their cards.  With Digital Engagement, issuers are able to not only to interact more often with their cardholders but also to make those interactions positive with timely advice, tailored offerings, and support.