Mobile end-to-end onboarding

Get a card in just minutes. Products like Apple Card are setting the standard for digital account opening. With Card App, your customers will be able to apply for and get a card in a matter of minutes — quickly and securely — from a mobile device.

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The Unprecedented Challenges and Urgency Facing Issuers Today
"The Ultimate Guide to Card Modernization, Part 1" looks at the factors that are driving the urgency to modernize, why payment cards are the ideal launch point, what characteristics a modern digital card program should have, and introduces the ideal method to deliver it to cardholders.

Digital Account Opening

Digital Account Opening allows customers and prospects to quickly and easily apply for a credit or debit card in just minutes on their phone, creating a strong first impression and allowing you to meet the needs of mobile-first customers.

  • Easily apply in minutes with ID scan and pre-fill fields – reducing frustration, confusion, and application abandonment.
  • Get enhanced ID and KYC with advanced biometrics and real-time location confirmation which reduces account and identity fraud.
  • Ondot’s easy mobile application is fully customizable to meet your information and underwriting requirements and allows customers to onboard in just minutes without having to switch to a computer or visit a branch.


38% of potential customers abandon applications due to frustration with the process. Ondot's mobile applications allow customers to complete the entire application on their mobile phone in just minutes.

Mobile Application Overview

In less than 10 minutes, customers are onboarded in a seamless end-to-end process, without the need to go to a branch or website:

  • Choose from among multiple card products (if offered).
  • Automated real-time KYC verification is done using the camera to scan ID and capture a live selfie.
  • Complete a short, customizable application using OCR from the scanned ID to pre-fill in fields.
  • Credit check and confirmation are done in the background.
  • Credit decisioning fits within your processes. Applicants that meet your criteria are input as qualified leads.
  • Instant digital issuance allows for immediate use.

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