Mobile Integration

Speeds Integration, Supports Consistent Customer Experience, Enhances Satisfaction

Want to add features to the mobile experience that increase digital engagement?  Need to ensure that customers have an experience that meets or exceeds their expectations?  Looking for a simple way to integrate value-added features?

Time to market has become a competitive differentiator in the digital marketplace.  Arrive late to the party and customers will have already taken steps to move their business to the companies that delivered to their expectations.  In addition, the experience the customer has when using a digital offering is now defined not by direct competitors but rather by technology giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google.  Fail to meet that benchmark and the loyalty of cardholders will decline.

Ondot offers multiple mobile integration options to support any go-to-market strategy and provide maximum flexibility for issuers to deploy the solution in a way that best positions them with their cardholders.  This flexibility also means that issuers can more easily move between the options available without creating additional friction for the cardholder.

The integration options offered by Ondot include:

  • White Label App – Standalone apps are available for iOS and Android, offering cardholders a standard suite of card controls, alerts and self-service capabilities.
  • Subordinate App – Utilizing the subordinate app function, Ondot's service modules can be accessed from within a financial institution's mobile banking application providing a consistent user interface without requiring cardholders perform additional authentication. As with the standalone white label app, deploying the solution via subordinate app provides standard card controls and alerts, as well as self-service capabilities.
  • HTML5 – The HTML5 integration option allows the cardholder to view and set control and alert preferences via a set of HTML5 pages that are invoked from within a browser window presented within a mobile app or online cardholder interface, without requiring an additional login. This option is the quickest path an issuer can travel to deploy the Ondot mobile card services.
  • Server-Side API – The Ondot server-side API provides the software building blocks for a financial institution to incorporate card control and alert functionality into their own mobile banking or online service.  This option is ideal for mobile banking providers who want to have full control over the cardholder interface and features offered.

These mobile integration options have been used to provide thousands of financial institutions and their cardholders benefits that increase card use, decrease fraud, drive more digital engagement and generate more active cardholders.  That is why Ondot's solutions are used by more financial institution than any other offering in the world.