Instant Gratification

In today's world of instant gratification, making customers wait days to start using a new or replaced card puts you at a disadvantage to other cards in wallet. That's why instant digital issuance is one of the most sought after features by both consumers and financial institutions.

Replacement cards made fast and easy

When a card is lost or stolen, spend momentum is stopped, forcing cardholders to switch to another card in wallet while they wait for a replacement. Some customers will stay with that new card after a replacement due to habit, rewards build or card-on-file preferences. Instant digital issuance allows you to maintain top of wallet status after a card replacement by pushing tokenized cards to payment wallets such as Apple Pay, or providing Virtual Card Numbers to use online.

Attract new customers

44% of customers say instant issuance would influence where they bank. Particularly among young customers, instant digital issuance sends a message that a financial institution provides fast and easy-to-use products that fit their lifestyle, helping you build accounts, deposits and balances.

Increase engagement in the first month

Establish top-of-wallet behavior right away with instant issuance. 100% of instantly issued cards are activated and 70% of cards are used within 5 days.