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Your customers are digitally savvy and want self-service options at their fingertips. The Ondot Card App lets them access critical operations – report a lost card, set travel plans, initiate a dispute – instantly in moments that really matter. Further, they can control when, where, and how their cards are used, allowing them to be safe and feel safe.

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The Unprecedented Challenges and Urgency Facing Issuers Today
"The Ultimate Guide to Card Modernization, Part 1" looks at the factors that are driving the urgency to modernize, why payment cards are the ideal launch point, what characteristics a modern digital card program should have, and introduces the ideal method to deliver it to cardholders.

Card Controls

Stop fraud before it ever starts. Ondot’s controls are the industry standard for making cardholders feel empowered and informed. When customers feel in control and know what’s happening with their card, they spend more confidently, experience less fraud and are more likely to use that card most often.

Set location-based controls in-store or within a specified area on a map, or control spend by merchant category (dining, travel, etc.) or transaction type (in-store, online, mail order).

Customers can:

  • Set controls for when, where, and how their card is used.
  • Control every card on an account separately. Control dependent or employee cards individually.

Features like:


Lock card quickly and easily


Card only works when person is in same location (based on mobile location)


Card only works within specific regions chosen on a map

Spend Limit

Decline transaction over a specified amount

Monthly Limit

Decline transactions after monthly budget limit is reached

Merchant Category

Gas, groceries, travel, department stores, etc.

Transaction Type

Online, in-store, ATM, etc.


Empowering cardholders makes them feel safe and reduces fraud by an average of 25%.

Self Service

Ondot’s Card App enables fast and easy self-service, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower service and operations costs. Customers can report a lost or stolen card, manage authorized users, and set travel plans. This reduces call center wait times and allows service reps to focus on high-value service activities.

Some other advantages include:

  • Allows cardholders to be in control.
  • Provides service features around-the-clock, including outside of service hours.
  • Allows customers to easily complete their own service tasks.
    • Set travel dates to ensure cards work internationally
    • Report a card lost or stolen
    • File a transaction dispute
    • Investigate suspicious transactions, including contacting the merchant directly
    • Manage dependent or employee cards on the account


75% of consumers would prefer to use mobile customer care inside an app because it reduces time and hassle.

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