Mobile Application and Onboarding

A critical pain point for many customers is having to switch to other channels to finish an application, such as a computer or branch. In fact, 38% of potential customers drop out of onboarding due to frustration with completing the application. Ondot's mobile applications allows customers to complete the entire application on their mobile phone in just minutes. This customizable application allows you to provide a customized process to fit your needs and enhance security with unique mobile identity verification options.

Drive New Account Growth

Millennials and Gen Z customers are famous for preferring mobile-first experiences. But it's not just the youngest generation. Over half of all people under the age of 50 would consider a digital-only bank. Potential customers are actively seeking a banking experience that is easy to use and fits their lifestyle. You can make a strong first impression by allowing end-to-end mobile onboarding.

Enhanced Security

The benefits of mobile extend beyond customer experience. Mobile provides unique verification options to reduce fraud and confirm identity. Customers are asked to take a selfie and ID picture, which can then be compared. And mobile location can be used to confirm their location matches their application.

The Power of Partnerships

Ondot partners with multiple third parties for options on identity, KYC, fraud prevention, credit bureaus and more to ensure your mobile application is customizable to fit your onboarding needs.

As traditional financial institutions increasingly face competition from digital banks built for enhanced user experiences, welcoming new customers with an optimized digital onboarding experience is crucial to retaining their loyalty.

How it Works

In less than 10 minutes, customers are onboarded in a seamless end-to-end process:

  • Select Card
  • Automated Real-Time KYC Verification – using the camera to scan ID and capture a selfie
  • Complete a Short Application – using OCR from the scanned ID to pre-fill in fields
  • Processing Credit Check & Confirmation – done in background
  • Create a virtual card or add to a digital wallet for immediate use!