Aggregator Service for Mixed Processor Environments

Ondot's OneView service allows financial institutions to consolidate credit and debit card transactions that are processed separately providing unified access, control and management within the same mobile application.

Utilizing Ondot's intelligent, extensible platform built on a services-oriented architecture in the cloud, OneView optimizes the user experience for cardholders with a simple, intuitive interface for monitoring, controlling and managing their cards, increasing consumer confidence and card use.

For the financial institution using OneView, the ability to offer personalized credit and debit card management increases efficiency and decreases the overhead that is created when working with different credit and debit card processors.  These efficiencies are realized in various areas within the issuers' operations in the following ways:

  • Frees Issuers to Choose – Utilizing the power of the Ondot card services platform, OneView allows issuers to select processors based on value and an overall fit with their strategies. Financial institutions that wish to use a different processor for debit than for credit portfolios – or use their in-house debit processing system and credit processing through an external processor – are able to do this and still providing a set of services to cardholders that differentiate them from the competition.
  • Delivers Cardholder Convenience – Cardholders want the convenience of being able to access mobile card services for all their cards through one application.  Using OneView, issuers that offer branded cards using multiple processors are able to meet the cardholder's needs and increase the financial institution's potential to be top-of-wallet.
  • Simplifies Migrations – With OneView, issuers who have the opportunity to generate more value for their cardholders by transitioning to another processor can reduce the complexity typical in this type of vendor replacement. OneView allows this type of change without negatively impacting cardholders, possibly compromising their loyalty to the financial institution and its card programs.
  • Improves Cardholder UX – Running on the Ondot platform, OneView works with other services from Ondot that utilize this same platform.  For example, card registration can be streamlined so that cardholders are able to activate their cards for use faster and easier. Cardholders are satisfied to be able to utilize their cards and issuers enjoy the benefits of increased card use.  In addition, OneView supports both mobile and online user-initiated registration.
  • Centralizes Alerting – OneView leverages the Ondot platform to provide a single point of initiation for notifications and alerts that go to cardholders based on the parameters and preferences they have established.  The ability to consolidate these functions insures the cardholder gets vital information when needed and helps the issuer to establish and maintain a high level of customer service.

OneView does not store cardholder information, thus mitigating risk and regulatory overview for the issuer.  As with the entire Ondot set of services, OneView is built upon a modern, API-based, service-oriented architecture in the cloud to provide issuers with flexibility, configurability and scalability.