Self Service Automation

Decrease Call Center Traffic, Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels

Interested in reducing cardholder frustration with long waits for customer support?  Want to provide an intuitive mobile interface that makes it easy for cardholders to help themselves?

The one thing consumers in today's society need the most cannot be bought at any price – convenience. This fact is what drives the adoption of technology.  The ubiquity of digital devices and the access to connectivity that deliver this convenience also have increased customer expectations about all aspects of service and support.

In many ways, financial institutions no longer just compete with each other; they also compete with Amazon, Apple, Google and other tech giants who are shaping customer experience.  When cardholders have issues, their level of satisfaction is influenced by their interactions with these companies in resolving the issues. 

The comparison is seldom favorable toward the card issuer.  However, issuers who utilize Ondot's Self Service Automation module allows customers to quickly find answers they would previously have called customer support to provide.  In addition to improving cardholder satisfaction, the Ondot module lowers support costs. 

Powered by Ondot's flexible, extensible platform, Self Service Automation allows cardholders to access information and contextual actions that give them the power to help themselves, including the following benefits: 

  • A Comprehensive View of Accounts.  Accessing information about their accounts is one of the most common activities for cardholders. Self Service Automation provides them with easy access to information about their account balances, account status, card limits, and recently conducted card transactions including pending, approved, denied, and reversed transactions.
  • Simplified Use of Common Card Services.  The intuitive user experience built into Self Service Automation makes it possible for cardholders to perform a broad set of functions in setting alerts, such as a push notification if the available balance in an account is low, reporting fraudulent transactions and lost or stolen cards, and contacting customer service via email or by simply pushing a button to place a call.
  • A Full Range of Transaction Management Capabilities.
    Self Service Automation makes it possible for cardholders to tag, annotate, and take pictures of transaction receipts, then email them for reimbursement or record keeping. In addition, cardholders can instantly flag transactions they did not perform and initiate disputes.

Ondot's Self Service Automation features help issuers drive down support costs and increase cardholder satisfaction.  Built to utilize the power of the Ondot platform, Self Service Automation can be deployed with other Ondot service modules to increase card use and decrease fraud.

More than 85 percent of the card services transactions in the United States utilize Ondot's solutions.  More than 4,000 financial institutions are utilizing Self Service Automation and other Ondot modules to increase their card portfolio values.