Mitigate disputes, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs with Transaction Data Intelligence.

Why Transaction Data Intelligence?

Ondot’s Transaction Data Intelligence benefits both customers and issuers by producing the follow outcomes:

in card use

in fraud

false declines

support calls


Displaying accurate, expanded transaction information drastically reduces dispute requests that result from confused customers who do not recognize past transactions, saving $350,000 or more per year in operational costs.

Reduce Friendly Fraud

Transaction Data Intelligence provides complete contextual data to better distinguish legitimate transactions and fraud. Customers further benefit from the reduction in false positives, avoiding unnecessary declines and card blockages.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Providing accurate transaction data and preventing false positives reduces friction, directly improving the customer experience. Convenience fosters satisfied customers who enthusiastically promote cards that utilize Transaction Data Intelligence, resulting in an uptick of 10-15% in NPS scores.

Generate Revenue Opportunities

Transaction Data Intelligence turns statement review from a static to actionable experience. These features give customers greater control over their finances, viewing issuers as an active partner in their financial health.

Transaction Data Intelligence Components

Merchant Data Enrichment

  • Normalized merchant names
  • Merchant address
  • Merchant location (lat/long)
  • Merchant phone number, URL, store id, hours, etc.
  • Merchant categorization
  • Merchant hierarchies (acquirers, merchants, terminals)
  • Payment capabilities

Transaction Data Enrichment

  • Enriched merchant data
  • Transaction categorization
  • User location
  • Payment channels
  • Purchased services
  • User enrichment – user tagging, memo, receipt capture

Payment Attributes Enrichment

  • Magnetic vs EMV chip
  • Contact vs Contactless
  • Recurring
  • Card on file (COF)
  • Token
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Pre-authorization
  • Multiple-clearing
  • Partial authorization

Learn why improved transaction data is necessary to stay competitive.


Using Contextual Transaction Data to Engage Customers (Podcast)

Boost customer acquisition and spending, and reduce fraud, but mostly keep real-time track of what customers’ payment cards are doing at a given moment - leading to more purchases, reduced service calls, and less chance for criminals to successfully execute fraud.