Why Enrich Transaction Data?

Enriched transaction data provides clarity to customers when reviewing transactions and statements. Providing a positive experience during a regular customer touchpoint helps build loyalty and customer satisfaction. Additionally, there are direct operational benefits. One of the biggest drivers of call center volume is cardholders not recognizing their own purchases. Enriched Merchant Data makes it easy for customers to recognize their spending, with:

  • Clean up merchant names with logos
  • Address and contact information
  • Location maps
  • Advanced tags, memos and receipt capture

Industry-Leading Accuracy
The accuracy of Ondot's data enrichment is proven in the real world, bringing together:

  • Data from trusted Ondot partners, such as maps, business listings and more
  • Crowdsourced data from Ondot transactions
  • Adaptive Machine Learning to identify rapid changes in merchant data and locations

Reduce Disputes and Chargebacks

Reviewing transactions and statements is a regular customer touchpoint where issuers can differentiate themselves with clear and accurate information to help customers recognize their purchases.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Providing accurate transaction data and preventing false positives reduces friction, directly improving the customer experience. Convenience fosters satisfied customers who enthusiastically promote cards that utilize enriched merchant data, resulting in an uptick of 10-15% in Net Promoter Scores.


Merchant Enrichment

  • Cleaned up merchant names
  • Merchant address
  • Merchant logo
  • Map of merchant location
  • Merchant location (lat/long)
  • Merchant phone number, URL, store id, hours, etc.
  • Merchant categorization
  • Merchant hierarchies (acquirers, merchants, terminals)
  • Payment capabilities

Transaction Data Enrichment

  • Transaction categorization
  • User location
  • Payment channels
  • Purchased services
  • User enrichment – user tagging, memo, receipt capture

Payment Attributes Enrichment

  • Magnetic vs EMV chip
  • Contact vs Contactless
  • Recurring
  • Card on file (COF)
  • Token
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Pre-authorization
  • Multiple-clearing
  • Partial authorization