Spend on the Go

Spending during travel is a critical moment for customer experience. Travel spend is often unpredictable with large, out of pattern purchases, and difficult to correctly identify as fraud. Customers that are declined are likely to switch to another card for the duration of the trip, and possibly longer. Ondot makes it easy for customers to notify you right from their smartphone, and be prompted to update travel plans if the app detects a location change.

Easy Travel Notification

Ondot's Travel Controls service allows cardholders to easily notify you of their travel plans to ensure, even after they've arrived at their destination!

Proactive Travel Confirmation

Even better, when the digital card app detects a location change, the customer receives a mobile travel notification asking them to confirm their travel, so they can continue using their cards even if they forget to notify you.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers appreciate the simplicity of activating Travel Controls, with no need to visit a branch, navigate web menus or look up customer service phone numbers while traveling.

Reduce Spend Attrition

Travel Controls allows you to confidently approve more transactions, reducing customer frustration with declines, which often cause them to switch to another card for the duration of the trip, or longer.