Help customers clearly see their spending

Card App provides unprecedented visibility into purchases with enriched transaction information and insights to spend smarter. When customers understand their spending, they have higher engagement and fewer service calls and disputes.

Transaction Enrichment

Transaction Enrichment cleans up transaction and merchant data, allowing customers to more easily recognize their purchases, including cleaned up merchant names, logos, and locations on a map. It also allows them to contact the merchant directly within the app, resulting in fewer service calls, disputes and chargebacks.

  • Get highly accurate enrichment due to combination of real-time location data, authorization stream data, and enrichment from Ondot and its partners.
  • Improve customer clarity and satisfaction.
  • Reduce customer service calls, disputes, and chargebacks.

Enriched Data Includes:

  • Accurate name
  • Merchant logo & branding
  • Interactive map of location
  • Address
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact info: phone number, email, website and URL
  • Merchant category (groceries, entertainment, etc.)
  • Correct purchase channel (in-store or online)
  • Additional transaction details available to issuer for insights and investigation


Nearly half of all chargebacks and a third of customer service calls are made by cardholders that don’t recognize a transaction.

Spend Insights

Providing easy access to insights on customer spending helps them stay informed and feel in control – and positions you as a trusted and innovative financial partner. Combined with real-time alerts, this gives customers powerful feedback and awareness of their spending.

See spending patterns by:

  • Merchant category (groceries, gas, etc.)
  • Purchase Channel (online vs. in-person)
  • Monthly trends
  • Location on a map


90% of customers are interested in a mobile application that gives them real-time spending feedback.

Card-On-File & Recurring Payments

Allow customers to keep track of where their card number is being stored. Card App identifies monthly subscriptions, as well as card-on-file merchants such as online marketplaces or ridesharing companies. Offering a single place for all of this information means customers are more likely to choose your card first for their card-on-file and recurring charges.

Recurring Charges

  • Ondot makes it easy for cardholders to consolidate their subscriptions in one place, giving them clearer insight into monthly spend.

Card On File

  • Unlike monthly recurring charges, many people store their cards with online retailers to make checkout faster and easier. Ondot recognizes these charges to help customers keep track of all of their spending.


The average American household spends $237.33 per month across 21 recurring categories, including new categories like streaming TV and meal subscriptions, as well as traditional categories like mobile service and internet.

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