Access Features & Benefits Sooner
Ondot partners with leading issuers and processors to help cardholders access the features and benefits of our platform sooner. We utilize a seamless, proven project implementation methodology, rapid response support model and set of services designed to increase adoption as well as the benefits of the Ondot solution to our customers.

Project Implementation

Our teams have implemented projects around the world unlocking the value of the Ondot solution for thousands of cardholders, issuers and processors. The methodology we use requires minimum resource allocation by our customers, limiting disruption of their operations. Business analysts, certified project managers and account managers all ensure that the project meets or exceeds expectations.

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Customer Support

Customer satisfaction defines the value of our customers' brands and reputations, as it does our own. We have a dedicated customer support portal that can be accessed 24/7 plus live support via our help desk. The quality of our customer support is based on knowledge that, behind every organization, there are large populations of cardholders who evaluate our customers' reputations and brands based on the level of assistance they get when in need.

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Consumer Adoption Programs

Ondot helped build the mobile-based card services industry, giving our team the industry leading expertise that sets us apart from our competitors. This experience and expertise are key to providing our customers with the best tools and processes available for increasing the number of cardholders using Ondot's value-add features.

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Project Implementation

Ondot's project teams utilize a seven-phase implementation plan built on proven best practices and repeatable methodologies designed to enable the deployment of our mobile-based card services products sooner, helping issuers realize the full value of our services and meet their desired business objectives. This approach has delivered these advantages to our global customer base:

Fast Time to Market

Delivery in a 16-to-24-week project initiation to production timeframe so your cardholders can access the benefits of Ondot's application sooner.

Onsite Implementation

Onsite project implementation team using pre-planning processes and certified project management approaches to minimize disruption to your operations.

Reduced Costs

Lower cost deployment options using VPN and web conferencing along with our comprehensive, online, searchable guides and training documentation.

Seven Phases of Implementation

Seven Phases of Implementation Graphic

Customer Support

Ondot is committed to helping issuers add value to their brands by differentiating their card programs to establish a competitive advantage. The depth of our subject matter and technical expertise provides the foundation for insuring that we provide customers with timely issue resolution.



Financial Institutions


Application Support
Tier 3 support

Application Updates
Provided to clients in case of software upgrades or fixes for reported problem.

Server Installation
Installation of the Ondot server in the client’s data center

Instructions provided. Initial install on-site.

Application Training
Mobile Card Services app and mConsole training for Client's Customer Support team to address Tiers 1 and 2 issues.

Training Materials
Training presentations, Mobile Card Services and mConsole User Guides with customized screens and displays.

Customer Adoption Programs

The more cardholders use the Ondot application, the sooner they benefit from the convenience, confidence and safety it provides. This penetration and pace of adoption directly influence the depth and breadth of the revenue increases and cost reductions our customer see. Our consumer adoption offerings are designed to drive activation and adoption of the Ondot products through:

Consulting On Go to Market Strategies

Ondot works with financial institutions to develop effective go-to-market strategies designed to educate and assist cardholders in gaining the most value from Ondot products by providing marketing expertise, best practice recommendations and value-added information on industry trends.

Evaluating Promotional Programs

Ondot provides customers with mConsole, an administrative tool that offers configurable usage dashboards, customizable reporting, troubleshooting capabilities and customer support options. Customized options can be created for customers whose needs go beyond the abilities of mConsole to track adoption rates related to our solution.

Providing Marketing Toolkits

Ondot supports financial institutions with training and marketing materials that can be tailored for their own launch program with minimal changes. We provide a marketing toolkit that includes videos, advertising content, and collateral to integrate into existing programs as well as creating performance-based, turnkey programs to fit an issuer's specific needs.