Build Trust in Your Card

You have cardholders who use their payment cards many times a day–for coffee, gasoline, lunch and dinner and merchandise. But what about cardholders who use your card only a few times a month at best? What will it take to get those customers to increase their activity?

Our solution has helped institutions like yours increase card use by an average of 23%.

For many cardholders who choose to keep their cards at the bottom of their wallet, they don't trust the system. They worry about who will have access to their card information. They don't like the idea that they have little control over that access.

Ondot Systems offers a solution, a way to build trust in the system and your card by giving all your cardholders control over their buying activity:

Image of woman purchasing groceries

Be in Control with On/Off Switch
A payment card with the Ondot mobile application allows cardholders to switch their card on and off from their smart phone with a single touch – on the go, as many times as they want, all day and night. Even for the most paranoid users, it can be kept off by default and turned on, one purchase at a time.

Total Control with Type of Transaction
There are many Cardholders that don't shop online or use ATMs due to security and fraud concerns and perceptions which can influence the overall card usage. To put them at ease, they now have the ability to control or turn off transactions which cause them angst thus freeing up the card usage where they feel comfortable or using the card in a controlled manner by doing one-time transactions where they feel vulnerable; both of which increase card usage.

Smart Control by Location
One the biggest worries that card-holders have is fraudulent use by someone somewhere else. What if they could control not only where the card is used but also only used where they are, at that moment. With Ondot's solution the cardholder can have complete peace of mind to know that now the card can only be used where they want. The card can be set to work only in proximity to the cardholder's smartphone, within a cardholder region only or within their own city, state or country of residence. Alleviating this concern can substantially increase card usage.

Those are just a few benefits of Ondot's solution that increase card usage. Your cardholder gains complete control and peace of mind. A card trusted is a card most used – moving to the top of the wallet. In fact, our solution has helped institutions like yours increase card use by an average of 23%.

Find out more about how the Ondot mobile application can benefit your institution. Talk with your Ondot sales representative.