Promoting the Most Overlooked Mobile Banking Opportunity

Mobile applications linked to credit and debit cards are being used for everyday purchases, offering cardholders the convenience, control, and security of managing their accounts and spending activity from their smart phones.

Debit and credit card markets have been quick to adopt the technology, leaving the prepaid card market lagging behind.

56% of U.S. adults had purchased a prepaid card in 2013.

Prepaid debit cards are everywhere. According to a 2014 survey, 56% of U.S. adults had purchased a prepaid card in 2013, up from the previous year.1 Those cards are being used to purchase a variety of items, including jewelry, tools, home furnishings, sporting goods, video games, clothing, and more.

And the market is filled with prepaid card options. So how can you set your card apart and gain card preference? Give cardholders the power of a mobile application to manage their prepaid account and spending activity.

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Give them Ondot Mobile Card Services

Our services are available through an application that you can easily push to your cardholders. One swipe on their phone and they’ll gain access to those services.

Instant visibility

With our push technology, you can send real-time transaction alerts to help your cardholders keep track of their spending. They can check when, where and how they used the card. They can also see if the card has been compromised, flag a false transaction, and initiate a dispute.

Controlled use

For security, they can switch their card on for certain types of transactions and switch it off for other types of transactions by:

For example, they can choose to switch the card on for grocery stores and off for department stores until needed

Transaction type
They can switch the card on for an online purchase and then switch it off until the next online purchase

They can set their card to work with the GPS feature in their phone so that access follows them wherever they go. Or they can specify a location where the card will work.

Self service

They can manage other tasks on the go as well, including viewing their current balance and transferring funds from another account to load up the card.  

They can do all that and more from their smart phone, quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere—but only with a prepaid card that offers Ondot mobile card services.

Give your prepaid card and cardholders a unique advantage. To learn more about mobile card services, contact your Ondot representative.