Enhance Your Core

As a card processor, you’re looking for ways to add value on top of your core services to financial institutions. That’s where Ondot Mobile Card Services can help.

You’ll get a mobile application for your financial customers to help them:

  • Increase their card’s use
  • Increase conversion of inactive to active cards
  • Reduce false declines
  • Reduce the need for support calls

Our Mobile Card Services application can be linked to debit, credit, prepaid, specialty and private label cards. The application is pushed to the cardholders through their smart phone.

For your customers’ cardholders

Using our application, cardholders can manage their card activity through their phone. Depending on the type of card, they can check their available account balance and spend limit. They can transfer funds and make payments.

To reduce the risk of fraud and false declines, cardholders can decide when, where and how the card will be available for use. They can switch their card on and off with a swipe on their phone, 24 hours a day.

The application will automatically confirm authorized use based on individual parameters created by the cardholders. They’ll have a tool to make banking and shopping faster, easier, and safer.

Image of cardholder using app

For your customers

Our application gives your customers a new way to communicate with their cardholders—a direct two-way channel. They can use the application to push alerts to cardholders about suspicious transaction activity—no need to make calls.

Cardholders can review the alerts and respond through our application. The cardholders can flag transactions that appear to be fraudulent and initiate a dispute. They can even email their financial institution questions or concerns through the application.

Financial institutions can also use the application to push promotions about new features and services. With a touch on their phone screen, cardholders can accept, decline, or request more information—quickly and easily.

With our mobile application, financial institutions can reduce support costs associated with cardholders visiting branches and contacting call centers, while providing real-time access to their staff and services to help increase cardholder satisfaction.

For your business

You’ll have a new, proven offering with benefits for your customers and their cardholders—a powerful, flexible solution that can help build your business.

Our Mobile Card Services application is available as a white label solution, ready for your brand. It can also be co-branded. It can be delivered as a stand-alone application or as a control button in a mobile banking application. And it’s highly scalable, allowing you to easily distribute the application to multiple financial institutions simultaneously.

The application seamlessly plug into the universally adopted ISO 8583 payment standard without requiring custom integration APIs or changes to your existing infrastructure. A comprehensive management suite supports dashboards, reports, financial institution onboarding, customer-service drill-downs, systems and roles management and diagnostics.

The application is also highly secure, meeting or exceeding the highest PCI, CERT and OWASP requirements, including a stateless application, strong encryption/tokenization and communication-only-over-secure channels. It’s designed for 99.99% uptime.

See how Ondot can enhance your services. Contact your Ondot representative today.