Getting in and Staying on Top

With all the payment cards available today, what will make yours stand out and be used? The space is crowded and it's becoming harder to differentiate solely on the basis of rewards. Superior service delivered via digital mobile engagement and services will determine tomorrow's leaders.

A payment card that is easy to use, is trusted, has frequent interactions & expanded reach and designed for today's digital economy and lifestyle, is a card that's used, used more, and shared.

In today's digital economy, offering mobile capabilities can go a long way to set your institution apart and provide your cardholders with compelling reasons to not only provision your card into their wallet, traditional and digital, but move it to the top and keep it there.

With Ondot's suite of mobile card services, you can provide your cardholders with a single mobile application to remotely manage all aspects of their payment cards. The services are available through an application that you can easily push to your cardholders. One swipe on their phone and cardholders can access those services.

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Build Trust by Giving Total Control

With our services, your cardholders can decide when, where and how the card will be available by:

  • Type of transaction—for example, online or at an ATM
  • Merchant categories—It can be switched on for everyday purchases such as groceries and gasoline and switched off for hotels and airlines until needed.
  • Location—the card can be set to work in one location, in a narrow or wide area, or set in advance to where the cardholders are going. It can be set to work with a smart phone's GPS, providing access as the cardholders and their phones move around.
  • Spend limits—transactions can be set to an upper limit and budgets can be determined in advance to limit spending over a duration of time.
  • Turning on/off card–for the ultimate peace-of-mind, simply turn the card off until ready to pay.

Cardholders can also check their available account balances and current status of accounts and cards. They can transfer funds, search for nearby ATMs, and even email your institution.

They can do all that and more from their smart phone—in an instant, on the go, as many times as they want, all day and night.

Frequent Engagement with Total Visibility

Our services also give cardholders more confidence to use their card by providing real-time visibility into transactions as well as actionable capabilities. They can instantly flag a false transaction and initiate a dispute.

Cardholders can receive transaction alerts and respond to those alerts for instant engagement anywhere, anytime using their mobile smart phone. The notification technology offers your institution a way to establish a dialogue with your cardholders without having them come into a branch or contact your call center. Not only can you send alerts, you can provide information to help cardholders maximize the use of their card and promotional materials to alert them to new features and services available with the swipe of a finger on their phone.

Selection Through Expansion

Ondot mobile card services makes it easier for cardholders to share their card in controlled use with others and hence used in multiple wallets. Parents and guardians can easily and quickly provide funds without fear of friendly abuse by invoking controls. Similarly, small business owners can delegate cards to their employees for specific, frequent purchases. 

Top of Mind is Top of Wallet

A payment card that is easy to use, is trusted, has frequent interactions & expanded reach and designed for today's digital economy and lifestyle, is a card that's used, used more, and shared.  In fact, institutions that have provided our services have seen a 23% increase in the use of their card.

See what our services can do for you and your cardholders. Contact your Ondot representative.