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Card App is much more than just an app to engage customers. It is a technology and partnerships platform that gives you access to the latest financial technology in an easy to launch package. Ondot’s entire platform is designed work in real time, so you can engage your cardholders the moment that matter to them. And we have developed the partnerships you need so you can be up and running quickly with the latest experiences that your cardholders demand.


In today’s world of instant gratification, your services need to operate in real time. Ondot’s innovative technology facilitates in-the-moment engagement and contextual experiences for your customers.

We deliver real-time authorization data, real-time location and real-time communication. For a real advantage.

These three real-time difference makers – data, location, communication – work powerfully together. Here’s how:

  • Real-time location ensures enrichment and controls are accurate. But on its own it may not be able to distinguish between merchants that are too close together.
  • Real-time authorization data means you and your customers can take action before a transaction is even complete. But authorization data isn’t great for merchant and location accuracy. Often, only cryptic merchant names and zip codes are shown. Combined with location data, this becomes a powerful signal of actual merchant location and details.
  • The ability to communicate instantly with cardholders reduces confusion, leads to fewer calls and disputes, and provides more opportunities to engage customers with contextual offers.

Partnership Platform

Card App is more than just a technology platform. It’s a partnership platform, unlocking access to relationships with partners that could otherwise take months to develop (in fact, many issuers would not be able to access those partners at all).


At Ondot, experience equals efficiency. One of the most difficult (not to mention, frustrating) aspects of partnering with technology and newer fintech companies is their lack of experience with the regulatory and compliance needs of banks and credit unions. Because we’ve been working with financial institutions since 2011, our experience and processes ensure security and compliance for our partners, including PCI 3.2.1 audits and SOC 2 certification.

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