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Control is critical for cardholders

In a world where masks are the latest accessory and a national coin shortage is the news, cash isn’t exactly a preferred payment method for most people. Consumers are leaning heavily on their payment cards as a safe means of shopping and financial institutions that take this moment to focus on their digital card offerings have an opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship with cardholders.

Ondot’s Head of Product Solutions Randy Piatt discusses how institutions need to make the card experience easily accessible and focused on the card journey by enabling capabilities that follow cardholders on their natural spending journeys.

Payment cards are the single most frequent interaction point a person has with their financial institution and issuers that allow cardholders to have instant resolutions – in a card-focused app – reduce the risk of losing spend or top-of-wallet status.

Listen to Randy’s full response on coordinating card offerings and mobile app capabilities in this short recording.