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Fast-track digitalization with a partner who knows how

We are all aware that the past 6 months have brought drastic changes to consumer payment behaviors and habits. People are using digital channels such as ordering groceries on Instacart, or paying via a digital wallet in large numbers, and many for the first time ever.

Financial institutions are moving fast to catch up and meet the new digital needs of their cardholders. But if this wasn’t already a priority in motion before the pandemic, how do FIs get up to speed quickly?

“Banks and credit unions need a strong partner who understands the market, and is able to bring those critical card experiences to consumers quickly and economically.” This is exactly what Ondot does, and is ready to help get you to the next level to meet your cardholders’ needs and expectations.

View the last segmentfrom Prasanna Narayan’s video interview with PYMNTS.com. Ondot can get you fully operational to provide digital card experiences to your account holders in just a couple of months.