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Give cardholders the control they seek

Providing great customer service sometimes means letting your cardholders take the wheel. Chris Skinner, host of The Finanser, wrote a post recently about the failure of banks. He outlined a multi-week process that included his card being blocked and the many, many stressful steps and tolls that were required to gain access to his one credit card during a global lockdown.

“In other words, I’ve got one credit card; it’s been blocked for no good reason; I cannot talk to the bank, because their call centre is shut; they haven’t bothered placing anyone on emergency contact to deal with any customer issues; I cannot get onto their website to clear the issue for a ‘known technical issue’; and no one responds to anything via email, telephone or chatbot.”

Not having the ability to serve himself – especially during a time when call centers were inundated – only added to Chris’s frustrations. Imagine instead if the control were in the hands of the consumer. If Chris had the ability to authorize suspicious transactions, turn his card on and off, and even request a new, digitally-issued card right from an app on his phone, he'd have the power and control he needs right at his fingertips.

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