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Important enough to stand alone – why cards deserve their own app

When Apple made their debut into financial services, they didn’t start with car loans or mortgages, they started with a credit card. Google is rumored to be entering the race with a debit card, and Samsung has introduced a credit card product as well. See a common theme here?

“It’s not a coincidence that big tech companies are using cards as the point of entrance into the banking arena,” said Prasanna Narayan in a PYMNTS.com video interview. “Cards and payments are the most frequent point of interaction between a bank and their account holders.”

With payment interactions being so frequent, combined with the consumer’s expectation to have more granular, day-to-day control over their cards, it’s important for FIs to offer a separate but interconnected experience from their other banking apps. “Consumers naturally gravitate to using a tool for a unique experience.”

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