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The best card experiences are digital from start to finish

Have you ever been hooked in by a great experience only to feel hoodwinked afterward with cumbersome processes on the back end? Buying a new car comes to mind. You get drawn in with cool 3D, 360° digital experiences that allow you to zoom in to see every feature. But when you go to the dealer to buy it, you’re encumbered with slow in-person processes and a mountain of physical paperwork. The front-end experience made a promise the back-end couldn’t keep!

In a video interview with PYMNTS.com, Prasanna Narayan, head of Product at Ondot, says the same is true for payments. “It isn’t enough to make one aspect of payments digital and leave the rest of the interactions with the card tied to the physical.” It’s important for every aspect of the life cycle of the card, from acquisition to use and engagement, to be digitized and modernized for an optimal experience for cardholders.

Hear his full response to what defines an optimal card experience here.