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The value of a new card

Technology has quickly become a helping friend that always seems to make life easier. With virtual health checkups, online grocery shopping, and even digital dating, the world really is at our finger tips! What about when it comes to banking? Is technology still that helping friend? Randy , the Head of Product Solutions at Ondot, talks about the parallels between the journeys of physical issuance and digital issuance.

“When getting a card, it is about quick access to the card and its value proposition, as well as the comfort of knowing your account is secure” said Piatt. “In physical channels, you start with training your staff to make those journeys easy.”

Digital issuance is focused on the same outcome – secure accounts and control for the cardholder – but in a streamlined manner. Whether applying for a new account or reporting an existing card lost or stolen, the journey is reduced to just minutes. Issuers can capture new cardholders and remove any delay that would typically happen for existing cardholders who lose a card, and consumers don’t need to spend time in queue on the phone or in the branch to have their needs met.

While both physical and digital issuance provide the same end results, digital issuance makes the journey simpler, shorter, and more seamless for the cardholder, and accelerates their access to the ability to spend.

Watch Randy’s full explanation of the physical and digital journeys here.