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What to consider when choosing a fintech partner

By Omneha Amujala

When choosing a physician, experience and reliability are important factors to consider. In a video interview with PYMNTS.com, Balu Kikkeri, head of customer service, says the same is true when choosing a fintech partner. “Fintech Partners should be more than just a vendor, as they should able to understand your core business goals and make recommendations that could work for a long time.”

As transactions are becoming contactless and payments are going digital, fintech companies must provide a well-rounded vision. They need to be able to understand both the technology shifts, as well as the financial ecosystem.

“A partner should have a history of working with a core banking provider, but at the same time the partner should be recognized as a technology innovator.” “So, someone like Ondot who has been working in this space for 8 years, understands this very well,” says Kikkeri

Hear his full response to what issuers should account for when choosing a fintech partner here.